29 Best Public Speaking Books Of All Time That Will Make You Steal The Stage

What are the best public speaking books?

It is primal to be successful we must be able to share our thoughts, feeling, ideas, and information effectively with others either it is verbally or visually. Effective speaking is one of the foremost great and effective ways to share messages and make a purposeful impact.

Here, I have made a list of the all-time best public speaking books that will help you to get rid of the fear of social anxiety and discover your inner speaker. Because the benefits of becoming a great speaker are far-reaching.

A list of 29 best public speaking books of all time is:

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All-Time Best Public Speaking Books

1. Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds

Talk Like TED one of best public speaking books

Probably you heard of what TED Talk is. Thousands of the greatest speakers and leaders have performed once on the TED stage. Carmine Gallo is the best public speaking coach and bestseller author who had broken down hundreds of TED Talks with his great speech.

This book is one of the must-read books on public speaking. With the interview with top TED presenters, and top researchers of psychology, communication, and neuroscience he has revealed the nine secrets of all great TED presenters. His breakthrough makes it possible for anyone to learn and give a presentation that is engaging, persuasive, and memorable.

Want to discover the nine secrets of public speaking?

2. The Art of Public Speaking

The art of public speaking

This is another one of the must-read public speaking books. Although the book is published a long time ago it is also one of the most referenced public speaking books.

Dale Carnegie was a professor of public speaking and is one who also wrote the best-selling book “How How to Win Friends and Influence People“. The best theme of this book is practice, practice, and practice. It explains practice is the most effective way to reduce your fear of speaking and build confidence. In the way of practice, you may fail however keep faith and practice again. This book consists of various useful tips and ways to enhance the quality of public speaking that every public speaker feels is useful.

3. Speak With No Fear: Go from a nervous, nauseated, and sweaty speaker to an excited, energized, and passionate presenter

Speak with no fear one of best public speaking books

If you change your perspective, invest in your preparation, and take time to practice, then I promise you, you will overcome your fear of public speaking. – Mike Acker

This book explains doubt stops you from taking serious strategies, doubt destroys self-confidence, and even doubt makes truth seem like lies. And helps you to go of your doubts and make you believe in yourself.

While speaking in public if you feel nervous, fear, anxious, or even sweaty. This book will offer you seven proven strategies that will let you make a new perspective, take charge of your anxiety, calms your nervousness, and most importantly you will learn how to speak with no fear.

4. How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking

This is another book by Dale Carnegie on our list of best public speaking books. This book will explain to you how to develop self-confidence and speak clearly with no fear.

With years of experience, Dale revealed the natural ways of overcoming the natural fear of speaking to become a great public speaker, along with even it teaches you how to enjoy it. It also helps you to:

  • Build poise
  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve your remembering
  • Make your meaning clear
  • And, start and end presentations effectively.

5. TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

This is one of the must-read public speaking books for anyone enthusiastic to create an impact with their ideas, the author says.

The author, Chris Anderson has worked with all the TED speakers who have inspired us, it is an invaluable guide that explains how the miracle of public speaking is achieved and how to give your best shot. This powerful tool helps you improve your ability to get your ideas across the group setting effectively.

6. How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

how to talk to anyone one of best public speaking books

Do you want to talk to anyone? Do you want to be a friend of someone you want to talk to? Do you want to be loved and respected by sweet-talking?

The author, Leil Lowndes a coach on communication for success has presented 92 simple but effective tips to deliver your message that are used by big winners in life. Here you’ll learn:

  • 9 ways to make a dynamite first impression
  • 14 ways to master small talk, “big talk,” and body language
  • 14 ways to walk and talk like a VIP or celebrity
  • 6 ways to sound like an insider in any crowd
  • 7 ways to establish deep subliminal rapport with anyone
  • 9 ways to feed someone’s ego (and know when NOT to!)
  • 11 Ways to make your phone a powerful communications tool
  • 15 ways to work a party like a politician works a room
  • 7 ways to talk with tigers and not get eaten alive

7. Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

resonate one of public speaking books

Have you ever felt someone’s presentation is wasting your time? Or your presentation is wasting your audience’s time?

The author who has a proven record of creating a slide in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth has built a powerful technique to present a message that has a great impact on audiences. Using this technique you will present your message with greater passion, persuasion, and impact. A presentation is worthless when audiences do not get anything, Resonate will help you to make a healthy relationship with your listeners and lead them to purposeful action.

8. How Your Story Sets You Free: (Business and Communication Books, Public Speaking Reference Books, Leadership Books, Inspirational Guides)

how your story sets you free

Do you have a story, and want to share it with loved ones, but don’t know how to tell it?

Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen the storytelling coaches have revealed easy steps to tell the story in the most powerful and impactful way. We understand the world best by stories, not by policy papers, or PowerPoint, but by the story. This book explains to you how you can share your experiences and invaluable messages in an understandable and impactful way who needs it most.

9. Women Seen and Heard: Lessons Learned from Successful Speakers

This is a practical guide on how to present successfully your message not only on the work stage but in all spheres of life. This book is based on the feminine perspective, explaining how women think behave, and act, and how they should behave and act to become successful presenters. It is also useful for men too. This book will help you to overcome anxiety, think strategically, the value of sharing real stories from your cultural background.

10. PUBLIC SPEAKING – Speaking like a Professional

PUBLIC SPEAKING - Speaking like a Professional one of public speaking books

Effective communication is vital these days to thriving in both work and private life. This book is a beginner’s guide to master communication and also it is useful for professionals too.

It offers multifaceted insights with simple strategies by which you can improve your speaking and get what you want in life. It helps you to be an effective communicator, be more confident, choose the right words at the right time, and most importantly inspire and win over people.

11. Public Speaking: Speak Like a Pro – How to Destroy Social Anxiety, Develop Self-Confidence, Improve Your Persuasion Skills, and Become a Master Presenter

Do you know in the US a public speaker earns as much as $104,000 annually on average? Being a professional and skilled public speaker is one of the most respected jobs.

This book is a practical guide to public speaking with actionable tips and techniques. Reading this you will discover ways to get out of your comfort zone, destroy your limiting beliefs and social conditioning, develop self-confidence, define yourself as a public speaker, be a good presenter everywhere, and much more.

It helps you to reach into yourself and unleash your potential that is going to waste instead of using it.

12. You Got This: Everything You Need to Master Authentic Public Speaking

You got this one of best public speaking books

The author Lisa Kleiman a speaking consultant offers a book filled with helpful tips, who has coached thousands of individuals. This book will prepare you for every big possibility to the smallest details.

It does not make you a presenter in one place but also on other occasions such as job interviews, and weddings. It helps you to manage speech anxiety effectively, speak more authentically with humor, helps to gather strategies to become a better presenter, effectively plan, manage, and address the audience’s queries, and much more.

13. Do You Talk Funny?: 7 Comedy Habits to Become a Better (and Funnier) Public Speaker

Do you talk funny? one of public speaking books

Do you talk funny? Do you have funny materials to present?

The author has presented the formal speech as good but it can be better while mixing with some comedy. Here, the author revealed how the principles of standup comedy make a more engaging, funnier, and more understanding of your presentation and speech.

Here you will learn, to craft a story that the audience loves to listen to, find a funnier part of your material, deal with stage fright, master timing and delivery of content, and 7 habits that make you a funnier and better public speaker.

14. Out With It: How Stuttering Helped Me Find My Voice

Are you a stutter, want to be a good public speaker, but not find a way where to start? Do you know about 1% world’s population suffers from stammering, on 5% of children go through a period of stammering?

Here, the author Katherine Preston first has the same problem, struggled, and found a way to get out of stammering. She shared her experiences on how her stammering helped her to find a voice within her instead of worrying all time about why stammering to me. This book is a heartwarming memoir and journalistic feat, that helps you to understand yourself and find the voice within you.

15. Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Powerful Secrets of History’s Greatest Speakers

Do you ever imagine giving a speech before your audience like Winston Churchill and standing like Abraham Lincoln?

The author, James C. Humes a world-renowned speaker who wrote speeches for five American presidents has revealed the mysteries of how world-renowned leaders used easy yet uncommonly strong ways to speak, persuade, and win throngs of fans and followers. Inside this book, you will discover how great leaders through the ages like Napoleon Bonaparte,  Lady Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and much more have mastered their public speaking.

16. How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking 2e: Learn the six qualities of an inspiring speaker – step by step

Anyone can learn to speak in public. This book is a step-by-step guide that consists of expert tips, tricks, and techniques that help you to make a plan, prepare, and deliver any speech with confidence, style, wit, and charm. This book helps you whether you have already standup qualities or you are in the beginning stage.

After the success of the first edition, How to Be Brilliant at Public Speaking: Any Audience. Any situation. The author published the 2nd edition with much more useful tips and techniques.

17. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking

This is the 3rd book of Dale Carnegie on our list of best public speaking books.

In this updated edition you will learn how to realize greater success and make the highest impact on audiences as a speaker at any time and situation. With the step-by-step instructions, you discover how to make an impact on every situation with courage, enthusiasm, confidence in the boardroom and beyond.

18. Confessions of a Public Speaker

confessions of a public speaker one of public speaking books

Confessions of a Public Speaker book is one of the must-read books of public speaking. The author Scott Berkun revealed the highly practical and hilarious techniques behind what great communicators do and show anyone. The book is inspirational, humourous, devastatingly honest, and fun to read.

Inside you will discover, how to work in a tough room, how to not make people feel boring, what to do when things go wrong, who earns 30000$ and why for only one hour lecture, and the funniest and worst real-life disaster stories you have ever hard.

19. Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever: Break the Rules, Make Mistakes, and Win Them Over

Be the best bad presenter one of public speaking books

Do you just read the heading of this book? It is saying you, bad presenter, now it is your time to be the best if you are bad at presentation.

The author explains making mistakes is acceptable, breaking the old rules is acceptable if your intention is for a great purpose. Make mistakes, learn, and go for great. Karen includes real stories of great presenters who not only become great by being bad but actually they are enjoying it.

20. Speaking Up without Freaking Out: 50 Techniques for Confident and Compelling Presenting

This is an easy-to-read book where Matt provides 50 anxiety management techniques that are scientifically proven aimed at you for making you a more confident and compelling communicator in any situation. Provides additional guidance and opportunities to develop the skills you wished for public speaking. Comes with 7 chapters starting from addressing public speaking anxiety and end with how to manage it effectively within yourself forever.

21. Give Your Speech, Change the World: How To Move Your Audience to Action

The communication expert Nick Morgan with more than 20 years of experience, has combined the aspects of ancient Greek rhetorical practice with the modern communication practice to offer a new audience-centered approach to public speaking. He offers entertaining and insightful examples with his book. He has made a three-step process, focusing on content development, rehearsal, and delivery that will help you to give more effective, passion-filled speeches that make the audience take action.

22. How to Win the World Championship of Public Speaking: Secrets of the International Speech Contest

Do you want to win the world championship of public speaking? Maybe you will not win the world championship after reading this book but it makes you sure how to master public speaking.

This is an invaluable book, much more than its title says. This book is based on an intensive study of the 2012 International Speech contestants and past World Champions, provides a breakthrough on how to choose your topic, design a story, and master your delivery.

23. The 3-Minute Rule: Say Less to Get More from Any Pitch or Presentation

the 3 minute rule one of public speaking books

In life, we want to be heard, understood, and to make our words matter. Hollywood producer and pitch master Brant Pinvidic provides powerful ways so you can make your pitch great, for any idea and situation, that impact much on your audience and this not only remain to them rather they can pass it to others. The idea of this book is easy to occupy, foolproof method that makes the elements of your idea impactful. So you can even say less your words matter.

24. Speak to Win: How to Present with Power in Any Situation

speak to win one of public speaking books

Anyone can be a great public speaker just as easily as they can learn to ride a bike! Brian Tracy one of the world’s premier speakers provides the time-tested tricks to present a message powerfully and persuasively regardless of any situation either it is formal or informal.

Inside you’ll discover, how to be confident, relaxed, positive while giving a speech, grabs the attention of people from the beginning, use body language effectively to keep the audience engaged, use a sense of humor, stories at the right time, strong strategies to win over people every time giving a speech.

25. Think on Your Feet: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Impromptu Communication Skills on the Job

Think on your feet one of public speaking books

This is one of the must-read public speaking books for those who want to be successful in their professional life and achieve more.

This book is full of practical insights you will learn to nurture your style of communication skill, communicate effectively, listen effectively, and lead meetings in office situations. Moreover, you will communicate with much more confidence do not let back the unexpected you. This book is really helpful to take your communication and your career to the next level.

26. Your Best Speech Ever: The ultimate public speaking

How is your speech going, does it is impactful or not?

This book illustrates for the best speech the two main components really matters are content to design and delivery. Start with an in-depth exploration into the fear, anxiety, and phobias every public speaker experiences. This book delves into each feature of making your speech even better. Designed with tested formula, break down the ingredients and provides a breakthrough to mix up the ingredients for the best speech.

27. Steal the Show: From Speeches to Job Interviews to Deal-Closing Pitches,

Do you want to steal the show?

One of the top-rated corporate speakers, and former professional actor Michael Port teaches you how to make most of your moment in the spotlight. He provides easy-to-use techniques to engage with listeners and give maximum impact and lead them to action.

This is a much more practical and unique book for public speaking to win in life. Not only, it is additionally useful in business, marketing, etc.

28. Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time

One of the must-read public books to make you pitch-perfect while speaking in public. This book teaches you how to design your message and deliver it to the right time with the right language in both verbal and visual to make pitch-perfect communication.

Media guru and Emmy Award-winning correspondent Bill McGowan teach you how to reduce the pitfalls of communication by using his simple principles of persuasion. With this book, you can harness the power of persuasion, make your speech perfect, make every word impactful so that your listeners remember for a long time.

29. Thinking, Fast and Slow

This is the essence of intuitive heuristics: when faced with a difficult question, we often answer an easier one instead, usually without noticing the substitution. – Daniel Kahneman

The book Thinking, Fast and Slow, is written by Daniel Kahneman, a world-famous psychologist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics has explained the two systems that drive our thinking way. This is a must-read book for making the right decision and problem-solving at the same time.

System 1 is fast, intuitive, and emotional; System 2 is slower, more deliberative, and more logical. He has offered practical and enlightening insights on when to think fast and when to think slow to make our both life business and personal success.


Now it is your turn to pick one of the public speaking books. All the books are filled with tips and techniques to enhance your speaking skills. Choose one or two from the list of 29 best public speaking books and find the speaker within you.

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