Importance and Benefits of Dramatization In Sales Presentation

Sales Presentation with Dramatizing

A dramatization in a sales presentation is nothing more than ensuring maximum effectiveness in communicating the sales message to prospects.

In other words, it is a set of various activities carried out by the salesperson to make the prospect understand the message, believe in the message, and remember the message.

But to bring the prospect to this situation hinges on whether the message is exciting and motivating or not. While communicating a message, the salesperson needs to inject his/her personality into the sales presentation. He/she must have thought out how to use his/her intelligence, self-confidence, and ability to make a vivid impression on his prospects.

This means, his presentation should be dramatic. That is why, Paderson, Wright, and Weitz say, The series of activities designed to facilitate action by the buyer is called dramatization.”

Benefits of Dramatization In Sales Presentation

An effective dramatization in a sales presentation has a certain strong power to make sales effective. Here, we understand the importance of dramatization in making the sales presentation effective in six major ways.

Getting and Maintaining Buyers’ Interest

No doubt, prospects listen to sales presentation stories, statements, points, etc. but closing a sale is impossible unless the prospects take interest in the sales presentation. Hence, the seller needs to make the sales presentation dramatic, i.e. doing something which holds the buyers’ attention for a period of time.


  • Throwing electric bulbs up in the air and catching them before it falls to the ground.
  • Rubbing the point of a ball pen against a wood piece and asking the prospects to write on a sheet of paper.
  • Showing the prospect the way to play games on the computer. Cleanin a blackened cooking pot with detergent power, etc.

Convincing Prospects

Dramatization helps in convincing prospects on the very point of sale because the prospects’ objections are practically overcome during the presentation. When once buyers/prospects are convinced of the quality of the product, there can be the opportunity to the closing of a sale.

However, some product use cannot be dramatized and hence there is no question of convincing the prospect in spot-selling. In such instances, descriptive sales presentations can prove fruitful.


  • If the nature of the product is such that it doesn’t burn, the salesperson can light a match and fry to burn it. This action will convince the prospect that the product will not burn.
  • If the nature of the product is such that it won’t chip, the salesperson can try hammering, bending, or twisting a sample piece to show that it will not even crack or peel. Thus, the prospect will be convinced.
  • Watches are dropped in water to convince the prospect that they are water-proof.

Improving Understanding

Specifically, with respect to technical products like computers, projectors, lithographs, cameras, etc., demonstration or dramatization plays a vital role in improving understanding in the minds of prospects.

In other words, the prospects who are visually minded can be fully satisfied by dramatization or demonstration. When understanding about a product is developed, the prospects would want to close the sale.

Making Lasting Impression

Dramatizing sales means, in other words, describing a product’s features demonstratively. Such dramatization may have a lasting and strong impression on customers.

As a result, a customer experiencing direct benefits of the product may remember such benefits for a long period of time. The customer may, then, voluntarily talk of the benefits of the product while talking to friends and other people.

Helping Sales Representatives

Dramatization develops more confidence in the salespeople in the sales presentation because they plan and rehearse before the presentation and implement the planned and rehearsed action during an actual sales presentation.

This sort of practice may enhance the enthusiasm of the salespeople to exert utmost effort for influencing customers, prospects. The salespeople become perfect in dramatizing sales presentations only after endless practice and effort. After they become experienced, they can also make their presentation more focused which will help them in closing a sale within a short time.

Creating Value of Product

While dramatizing, salespeople handle the products showing them in action. But their handling can create both positive and negative impacts on the customer. If the salespeople handle the product carefully, the customer may get the impression that the product is valuable.

But if the salespeople handle the product rather carelessly, the customer may get the impression that the product is of little value. This concept can best be applicable with regard to jewelry and perishable goods.

In course of making the sales presentation more effective, many selling firms (especially technical ones) use effective presentation aids. These effective aids may include the following:

  • Charts and graphs
  • Photographs, pictures, and advertisements
  • Sales manuals and portfolios
  • Models, samples and gifts
  • Films, slides, cassettes and overhead projectors
  • Testimonials
  • Product demonstration
  • Appealing words, etc.

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