What is Computer Network? Definition, Types, and Advantages

computer networking definition types

What is Computer Network? The interconnection of two or more computers to share resources or two computers is said to be interconnected if they are capable of exchanging information. In other words, the network which connects two or more computers in a network this type of network is called a computer network or computer networking. … Read more

Five Generations of Computer with Examples and Features

generations of computer

Generations of Computer The computer is developed from the very beginning and it has been characterized or identified in five generations. These five generations of computer features are as below. First Generation (1945-1954 AD) This is the first generation of computers. Some features of this first generation of computers: Second Generations of Computer (1955-1964 AD) … Read more

Definition of Operating System (OS) and its Functions

operating systems functions

The System Concept of Computer A system or computer system is a combination of three elements. These three elements are hardware, firmware, and software. The software may also be classified as system one system software and other application software. Where system software includes an operating system, translator, communication software, and utility software. Similarly, application software … Read more

Types of the computer on the basis of Size, Work, and Brand

Types of computer

Types of computer As we know computers are electronic devices. They are helpful in our life. According to the types of computer they divided as: A. On the basis of size As its name suggests types of computer classified on the basis of their various size. Also, the basis of their sizes of computer’s working capacity … Read more

How Does a Computer System Works? Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Memory

block diagram of digital computer system

A Computer System is a Combination of Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Memory A computer system can process data, pictures, sound, and graphics. They can solve highly complicated problems quickly and accurately. It is because every computer has a central processing unit and storage unit.  Where information at first entered in the input unit (IU), … Read more

Introduction to a Computer or Personal Computer (PC)

image of personal computer (PC)

Introduction to a personal computer (PC) Basic concept: To give an exact or universal definition of the computer is not a simple matter because of its broad scope. However, we almost get various definitions of the personal computer. Hence, maybe we defined it in our way. What is a personal computer (computer)? A computer is an … Read more