Attitude Formation: How Attitudes are Formed? (Explained)

How Attitude is Formed?

Have you ever wondered how attitude is formed, developed, or composed? Probably yes, we seek to know the formation of attitude.

Since attitude is the learned behavior the formation of attitude usually takes place through learning. There are various forces that help to form the attitudes of people.


Knowledge is the main factor that aids people in the formation of attitudes. Since it is a learned behavior during gaining knowledge people are engaged in various activities. It is knowledge through which we understand what is right or wrong or what is good or bad.

By understanding things or matters we develop a positive or negative attitude about matters.


An experienced individual has different attitudes than inexperienced ones. Our personal experience with different activities, people, places, and situations develop our attitudes towards them. Such as a working person has diffident attitudes about the working organization.

Through job experience, we develop attitudes like job satisfaction, job involvement, and organizational commitment. They are developed by factors like salary, performance appraisal, incentives, bonuses, and other factors.

Association (Friendship)

Whether between association between teachers and students or between peer groups our attitude is greatly affected. Through the teacher’s association, we get to learn and develop attitudes on different subject matters.

Peer groups also have a significant impact on our attitudes. Their relationship causes us to embrace new attitudes while also remaining consistent with old ones. We frequently seek out others who have similar attitudes to our own, or we alter our behaviors to correspond to the attitudes of those in the group whose approval we value.

Observation (Modeling)

We also develop our attitude through observing the behavior of others whom we like. When we like others’ behavior we try to copy and develop our own.

An example may be when we like the attitudes of film actors we try to impersonate the same on our own. Small children are found to copy their parent’s attitudes too much.


The formation of attitude is also subjected to differences in the personality of people. Personality can be best characterized by having uniqueness in behavior. Personality has different traits, characteristics, and ways of viewing all of these work as functions for a person to create a different attitude.

Reward and Punishment

Attitudes of people are also developed through reward and punishment. Its best example is seen in the organizational periphery when an employee gets more payment by doing the task more effectively other employees will develop a positive attitude toward doing a good task worth many benefits. Similarly, different negative attitudes of people are reduced or shifted to positive ones through punishment.


Today social media has a great influence on our life’s every aspect. We learn different behavior, attitudes, and subject matters of the world through it. We greatly follow international figures’ attitudes.

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