Definition and Examples of Algorithm and Flowchart

Algorithm and Flowchart

Definition of algorithm and flowchart as below:


It is well known that the programs are used to solve the various kinds of problems by computerized technique. The algorithm is a step-by-step procedure that guarantees a solution if followed correctly.

It is a written process. To write an algorithm the given sequence of instruction must possess the following characteristics:

  • Each and every instruction should be accurate and clear.
  • Each instruction should finish within a definite time interval.
  • One or more instructions should not repeat. It is obvious that the process should be terminated.
  • After termination of the algorithm, the definite output must appear.


The pictorial representation of a sequence of events that describe activities required in the program to solve the particular problem is called a flowchart. Therefore, a flowchart is a pictorial representation of an algorithm.

Features of flowchart:

  • Originating or origination
  • Inputting
  • Processing
  • Storage/ storing
  • Outputting

1. Originating or origination

The collection of source data is an important job in any system either to draw a flowchart or to develop a program. Logically the collection of resources to develop the program called originating features.

2. Inputting

The processing of supplying data or instruction to a computer is inputting of records to a computer.

3. Processing

To obtain a specific output with respect to given data or instruction, a certain process should happen into the computer called processing.

4. Storage/ storing

After manipulating of system or program or data or instruction and output results either store temporarily or permanently into the computer. This is called storing of information.

5. Outputting

The output results appear after the completion of processing work. This is called outputting.

Advantages of Flowchart

Disadvantages of Flowchart

  • Time-consuming and laborious work.
  • Expensive and difficult to modify.
  • The standard limit of investment.

Some basic symbols of the flowchart are as given below:

Start/ end symbol

algorithm flowchart start end symbol

Action or process symbol

algorithm flowchart Action process symbol

Decision or conditional symbol

algorithm flowchart Decision conditional symbol

Input/ output symbol

algorithm flowchart input output symbol

Examples of Flowchart and Algorithm are:

Example one

Write an algorithm and draw a flowchart to finding a given number is odd or even.

A solution to this question as follows:


algorithm flowchart


algorithm flowchart

Example two

Draw a flowchart to find the greatest number among the three numbers.

A solution to this question as follows:

For e.g. Algorithm:

algorithm flowchart


algorithm flowchart

Example three

Write the algorithm and draw the flowchart to find the smallest number among the three numbers.

A solution to this question as follows:


algorithm flowchart


algorithm flowchart

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