6 Common Types of Customer Objections In Sales

What Are the Most Common Customer (Sales) Objections?

Customer objections are valid in selling, but all objections are not valid. Now the question may arise, what are the common objections of prospects?

As identifying common objections of prospect/potential customer is a difficult task, here we have outlined the most common customer objections and which are important too to remember as a seller.

Objections Regarding Price

A number of price objections may be raised by a prospect/ customer. The general price-objection may include the following:

From Ultimate Consumer:

  • “The seller is greedy.”
  • “The price is unbearable.”
  • “The price is unaffordable.”
  • “The price is too high.”
  • “The price is higher than those of competitors.”
  • “The price is out of line.”
  • “I am searching for a cheaper model.”
  • “How long can I use it by paying such a high price?”

From Re-sellers:

  • “I can beat your price on these items.’
  • “I can’t make even a reasonable profit by paying such a price.”
  • “I get special discounts when I buy from others.”

The common objections from consumers and re-sellers may also include the following if the product is of technical nature.

From Consumers:

  • “This machine has to repair problems”
  • “We don’t get spare parts of this machine in the local markets”
  • “It’s difficult to get technical persons to operate it”
  • “It takes a long time to operate”
  • “When we come to you with our problems, your experts don’t pay attention”
  • “We don’t get maintenance help immediately”
  • “Last time, the repair work was unsatisfactory”
  • “Last time, the delivery was too late”

From Re-sellers:

  • When customers come with a problem, we don’t have your technicians in hand.
  • Spare-parts are not available when customers come to buy them.
  • How can we convince the customers when supply is so irregular?
  • When we ask for an expert to do some maintenance at our store, you either try to escape or send them late?
  • Why shouldn’t we sell local products with avail, spare parts, and local technician always in hand?
  • I am waiting for the price to come down.

Objections Regarding Product

Generally, objections regarding products may be of quality, size, color, content, design, etc. The common objections expressed regarding a product may be following,

From Consumers:

“The product is poorly designed” “The quality is too poor”. “Please, show any other design?”

“Please, show the highest quality product” “It looks clumsy” “I’m looking for a lighter shade” “I don’t think it will suit me well” “I’m looking purple color”

From Re-sellers:

“Customers don’t like this design” “Customers have become quality conscious” “Attractive appearance can only persuade a buyer” “Nowadays, women don’t like Shirt in bright shades”

Objections Regarding Company

These objections generally come up when Industrial buyers and retail store buyers are not satisfied with the salespeople’s company. Specifically, they may express objections about the company’s financial stability, personnel, business policy, products, etc. The objections from buyers may include the following:

“Aren’t you new in this field?” “What is your monthly sales turnover?” “What is your yearly income?” “How can you assure me that your company will be in business next year?” “Isn’t it true that you incurred losses last year?” “Can you give us a better credit facility than what we are getting?” “How can we know you will be punctual in delivery?”

Objections Due to Postponing Mentality

In many cases, it has been seen the prospect would strongly object against a product, but he /she may postpone saying don’t want to buy, “simply because he/she does not know how to go away from the salesperson’s presentation. Hence, he/she may use a round-about expression, showing his/her objections.

Such expressions may be as follows: “I would like to think over it again” “I would like to get the consent of my friends or family, I will come in time” “I don’t want to commit myself to anything” “You can see me on your next trip”I want to study it”I want to look around”

Objections Regarding Salespeople

Some prospects may dislike the salespeople. This dislike may occur due to the facial appearance, dress, way of presentation, the behavior of a particular salesperson, etc. As a result, the prospects may come up with various objections. Some common objections regarding the salespeople may be as follows:

“I don’t like to deal with you” “It doesn’t matter to me what you sell” “I don’t want to waste my time talking to you” “Sorry, we are stocked up” “You and I will never come to the point of doing business”

Other Objections

Although it has been tried to categorize some specific sorts of objections, every objection cannot be categorized under the headings discussed above. Hence, some other common objections can be illustrated as follows:

“You’ll have to see Mr. Arun for the final decision” “We have no place for your product line” “We are satisfied with the old company” ‘There is no market for your product” “my uncle is in the same business”
“I always buy from my friends” “My parents must be consulted”

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