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10 Email Marketing Trends You Must Follow in 2022

Through 2021, digital change for both large and small organizations has continued and shaped the future of email marketing as we know it. Businesses are continuing to change their approach and are using email to educate their subscribers and consumers about new working hours, online opportunities, virtual events, and other information.

Owning an email list and having a direct line of communication with subscribers is more important than ever.

So, how will 2021’s developments influence your email strategy in the coming year? We’ve discovered ten trends that will aid you in developing your email marketing strategy for 2022.

Content Create According To Users

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User-generated by user refers to the customer’s products reviews, ratings and it influences the user to show interest and in the end, benefits you.

You can easily acquire user-generated content by encouraging consumers to upload photos of them using the product or including a CTA on a poll or survey to swiftly gather the data.

An Email with A Personal Touch

Customers want to feel appreciated by the businesses in which they invest. Individual users in your email list can benefit from hyper-personalized emails, which allow you to adjust your approach to them.

By collecting as much data as possible from your customers, you can improve your personalization skills.

Customers are now extremely wary of the information gathered about them. Most consumers will only reveal their personal information if you can provide them with something of value in exchange.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Despite the fact that AI is still a newcomer in the marketing world, the enormous benefits it could bring are already making marketers think.

AI can not only boost your marketing efficiency in a short amount of time, but it may also save you a lot of money on your efforts.

Developing More Imaginative Newsletters

Any email marketing campaign should include a newsletter. Newsletters provide a platform for you to tell tales, promote business possibilities, and, most importantly, communicate with your readers and build a relationship.

Including bite-sized news, leadership article pieces, and the latest industry changes in your content can be a great approach to attract new customers.
Use visually stunning and content-rich newsletters.

The Level of Landing Pages

After clicking the CTA button in a marketing email, the user will be directed to this page.

Several marketers have the difficulty of putting all of their efforts into writing a well-crafted marketing email but putting less emphasis on creating a landing page.

A landing page requires a significant amount of effort and time to design in order to get a higher conversion rate.


In a nutshell, your landing page should say what the email says and deliver value to the clients who make it there.

Animating the Text

Using GIFS, animated backdrops, animated icons, CSS animations, and other techniques, it’s simple to create an animated email.

Allowing one aspect of your email to transition into another in a visually pleasing manner can help you build transitions.

The use of animations in your email will provide eye-catching images, helping the marketer to effortlessly capture the attention of the customer. However, too many animations will slow down your email’s loading time, and most people don’t have the patience to wait that long to read an email.

Increasing Email Accessibility

Always double-check that your emails can be sent, opened, and read by everyone. When creating email content, make accessibility a purpose (rather than a luxury).

You should constantly strive to include simple, easy-to-read text as well as clear images so that users can quickly grasp the idea you’re attempting to convey.

Take care to use typeface, size, and color to compose an email. The dark mode is available on many systems, and users adore it. Make sure your content isn’t overly shiny, as this will make it look strange in dark mode.


Marketers are increasing their efforts to guarantee that their email marketing is compelling and engaging to users as market rivalry grows.

Making your campaigns interactive is not as tough as most people believe.
In summary, even the most basic procedures can lead to interactivity. Here are a few examples:

  • Animated GIFs with CTAs
  • Elements of gamification
  • Effects of hovering over imagery
  • Effects of image rollover
  • Including a dark mode in addition to the usual mode
  • Adding interactive sounds to polls, surveys, and other user-generated content

Assuring the Viewer’s Privacy

Email users are always concerned about their privacy, especially in light of recent incidents that have made them wary of how their data is utilized.

To earn their trust and loyalty, you need to go beyond guaranteeing PCI and GDPR compliance. To acquire the users’ trust, you should make confidentiality the first and main priority.

Make sure you emphasize how you preserve your clients’ privacy and that any policy changes are communicated to them. Customers will be able to see the company’s ethics and you will be able to create trust with them as a result of this.

Customers’ Gratitude is Expressed in a Variety of Ways

This list’s last trend of email marketing trends in 2022 isn’t quite “new.” Brands have previously expressed gratitude to their customers and will do it again in the future. However, this was regarded as an optional step for brands who wanted to take it.

Now, more than ever, users expect personalization. As a result, if brands want to maintain a loyal consumer base, they must begin to express gratitude to them.

Author of this article: Shiv Gupta is the Founder and Head of Growth at Incrementors. Incrementors is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency that helps clients to grow their businesses online by generating more traffic, leads, and sales. Incrementors specializes in providing customized, tailored online marketing solutions highly specific to the needs of the clients.

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